Saturday, October 27, 2012


Everyone... I know I have been very scarce here on my Blog, but that is for a reason. I am in the middle of a few long running projects, collecting data to be able to post. When I started this blog, I swore that I would not post mindless drivel, or day to day content. I would, however, post good, credible intel on reliable products.

I have a Facebook Page that I do a lot of day to day stuff. You can follow me there, and when I post blog updates, I also let the folks know on Facebook.


Just a teaser of some up and coming blog posts:

Diamandback Tactical : Advanced Warrior Fast Attack Plate Carrier... this thing is "Ranger Proof". I've been wearing this rig for over two years, and it is simply indestructable.

War Sport Industries / GPI Custom Gunworks LVOA project... you can read about this so far, on my Facebook Page, or on War Sport Industries, LLC. Stay tuned for details on this project.

Again, apologies for not being very active. This blog will grow, as time permits, and as I collect good, hard data.

DMack Out.

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