Wednesday, July 25, 2012

AR-10 SWS Project


For my followers... understand that I am just getting this blog up and running. I have several projects in the works right now, that will all hit at one time. Juggling training at work, along with pictures and video is proving to be somewhat difficult...

I am working on a special AR-10 project, that I am helping design for Law Enforcement to be used as a Sniper Weapon System (SWS). This project is really coming along well. I ran into some over-gassing issues, due to the fact that I am running a suppressor on it. My heavy buffer from SLASH'S HEAVY BUFFERS along with my JP Enterprises adjustable gas block which will take care of my issue.

So far, this rifle (even OVER gassed) shoots better than I ever could have expected. I will debut this rifle as soon as I get the gas system tuned, and stable.

I started a thread on Sniper's Hide to showcase this project... but, I will be updating this blog from here on out. Click on the link to read the thread.

Me, shooting it from bipods at 100 yards off a wooden bench. They won't allow prone shooting at this range... 

The following group was fired using M118LR (7.62x51 NATO / 175 grain). The significance of this group is... I had the rifle completely apart two days before. Optic off, upper stripped to mill a wee bit more on the left side... put it all back together and fired. The first three rounds were consecutive, but I had a fail to eject... overgassing issue... so I pulled the bolt carrier out, to clean the chamber between round three and four. The last two were then fired... five shots at 100 yards. I will take this all day long.

Group that I typed about in the text above...

I have the SWS mounted on the Alamo Four Star DCLW Tripod in the following picture... this is a very nice setup for confined space shooting... or areal platform shooting.

My SWS with the Alamo Four Star DCLW Tripod / Brevis Suppressor

So, stay tuned folks... I will update this blog post as I gain some information. This is going to be a living / breathing blog thread, as this project takes off...

DMack out. (for now)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

What to expect...

As I sit here, looking through all of my data that I have collected on various products, it is a wee bit overwhelming on where to begin. Some of my projects sport MANY pieces of kit, that I have carefully selected to work together as a package.

I also am aware that this BLOG just recently came into existence. I've been toying with the idea for quite some time now, and finally decided to undertake this project. This is something that I do not take lightly. I have worked very diligently to establish a high level of credibility within my circles, as someone who will not blow smoke up someone's skirt, in regards to product reliablity. This, I take pride in.

So, here is what I can promise you. IF a certain product makes it to my BLOG, then you can bet that I have used it, much more than just putting my hands on it. I've "tried" to "break" it. We used to have a saying... "If I use it, I will try to break it. If I can't break it, I will try to STEAL it." So, there you have it.

I have a youtube channel, under "Ranger Proof"... and will be posting videos to this blog from that channel. Here's a sneak peak into what you will be seeing very soon.

Diamondback Tactical... Advanced Warrior Fast Attack Plate Carrier (AW-FAPC). I have been using this carrier for the past two years at work, and I have NOT been able to break it. I swim with it, rappel with it, use it on live fire ranges, SIMUNITION shoot house, etc...

US Optics SN3 TPAL with EREK... I have a 3.2-17 as well as a 1.8-10 from US Optics. I can assure you, these optics are good to go. I also use the US Optics Field Observation Scope, so expect that to be featured as well.

Bushnell Elite HDMR 3.5-21 with G2DMR reticle. I am currently using this optic on my GPI Modded MEGA Monolithic SAR-TEN... this optic continues to suprise me.

Bushnell Elite 1-6.5 with BTR-2 reticle. I'm using this optic on my GPI SAR-15 test mule...

MARZ Tactical products, belt, pouches, etc... I have some goodies from MARZ Tactical that I really want to showcase.

There are other products in que as well... first and foremost, I will start my write up on the GPI Custom Gunworks SAR-15.

Stay tuned, it will be worth your wait.

DMack Out.


Yesterday, I had the distinct honor of being invited to ride with Lee Firpo from GPI Custom Gunworks, to deliver some patrol rifles to the Okaloosa County Airport Police Department. I have been doing some in depth consulting, research and development, and all around "Ranger Proof" testing for GPI over the past few months, so it was a natural fit for me to attend this delivery. 

I know the Chief of Police there, pretty well, and have worked with him closely in the past. Okaloosa Airport Police is a new Agency, located in the panhandle of Florida. This agency is in a unique position, being located at Eglin AFB, and surrounded by very strategic areas.  

Chief Tennyson is a very forward thinking leader, with a long career in Law Enforcement, and a strong background in SWAT and Special Operations (Law Enforcement). The Okaloosa County Airport Police Department is very fortunate to have a Chief of his stature, and I have no doubt that Chief Tennyson will take this agency to the next level. You can read about Chief Tennyson being chosen and sworn in HERE. 

The Chief spoke with me based on my background with him, and asked me about outfitting his department with some high quality patrol rifles, without coming in outside of budget constraints. I immediately spoke with him about my involvement with GPI Custom Gunworks in Jacksonville, FL and put him in touch with the company's President, Lee Firpo.

Lee and I sat down, and discussed what the Airport Police would need in a rifle, and I felt their SAR would fit the bill. I leaned towards a 12.5" barrel, due to the fact that they would be working in close quarters, confined space, but have the potential of having to place accurate fire on target at distances beyond close quarters considerations.  

I had been testing the GPI SAR-15 for a while (FULL review coming very, very soon), running various barrels in the rifle, giving accuracy tests, inputs, and advice, and I had my SAR configured with a 12.5" barrel.

So, an order was placed, and the GPI SAR Patrol Rifle was born. This rifle is simply, top shelf. As stated, a FULL review will be coming very soon, as soon as I get some supporting video and pictures to add to the text.

Needless to say, the GPI SAR has already been deemed "Ranger Proof" by me, therefore, I have no reservations about posting about this.

The specs on the GPI Patrol Rifle are as follows: 

Upper is CNC Machined from Billet 7075, and is held to very exacting tolerances.

The lower is CNC Machined from Billet 7075 as well. It is a modified lower, produced by Core-15 in Ocala, FL. However, this lower is spec'd to GPI specifications, and soon, VERY soon, GPI will be producing their very OWN lower. This too, will have a detailed review upon receipt of this lower.

The barrel is done in house, by GPI. It is machined from a Montana Rifle Company blank, profiled, chambered and throated by GPI CNC Machines. These are chambered in the Wylde chamber, so you can fire both 5.56 NATO pressure as well as .223 Remington. The rate of twist is 1:8 which stabilizes a multitude of commercially avaliable bullets. I can attest to the accuracy of these rifles, which will be included in my full GPI SAR review.

Internals are all MILSPEC Lower Parts Kit. The trigger is a MILSPEC unit, since these rifles will be used in a Law Enforcement DUTY capacity.

The bolt carrier is MICRO-Slicked for enhanced wear and lubricity.

This rifle also comes with GPI Rails, fully floated, to allow attachment of any tactical accessory that the shooter may want to add.

The pistol grip is made by ERGO, a very popular choice in pistol grips.

The buffer tube (Lower Receiver Extension) is MILSPEC and installed correctly, with a staked castle nut. Buffer and Spring are standard carbine fare.

GPI makes a very nice Compensator, but since these rifles are built for duty use, we opted to use a standard A2 "bird cage" style flash hider. These are found on rifles around the world, and they do really work well. The GPI Comp is a nice addition to the SAR rifles, I too, will be adding a review on them soon.

Flip up sights are included on these GPI Patrol Rifles. They are the ARMS style, which I personally like, due to the nice sight picture that they produce. They are a polymer style sight, that fit very nicely on the rails, and provide a low profile signature.

Dollar for Dollar, the Patrol Rifle Package from GPI is hard to beat.

Here is a picture of Lee showing the rifle to Chief Tennyson:

Happy with the results, Chief Tennyson and Lee Firpo pose for a picture:

These are Short Barreled Rifles (SBR's) in the eyes of BATFE... but, since they are transferred to a Law Enforcement Agency for duty use, there is no "Stamp" involved. Here, Chief Tennyson makes it official... signing over the BATFE paperwork:

I took the opportunity to show off my GPI / MEGA SAR-TEN (don't worry, I am working on a post on this rifle currently... stay tuned).

This SAR-TEN is a rifle platform that I am developing to be used as a Law Enforcement SWS (Sniper Weapon System). So far, it is performing WELL beyond my expectations.

Here I am, showing the Chief a five round group I fired from 100 yards with M118LR... this will also be spoken about in depth in my review of this SWS.

As you can see... GPI is moving forward in the industry, and are producing some VERY high quality rifles. You can expect to see more on the subject from me in the near future. Thank you all for your patience as I get this blog up and running. In the end, GPI provided a very valuable service to the Okaloosa County Airport Police Department, and I would love to welcome them to the GPI family.

These Patrol Rifles were hand inspected by me personally, and I have zero reservations stamping them "Ranger Proof".

DMack Out.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Well, as you all know... I have been writing about my PWS rifles for some time, over at, and I would like to publicly thank Sniper's Hide (LOWLIGHT) for allowing me to post information on a "non-precision" type rifle on a forum that caters to precision shooters.

I started my PWS MK114 thread on "the Hide", as it is affectionately called... back on 03 DEC 10. You can read the thread in it's entirety HERE so, I won't go into much detail. I will say this... I started out my review on the Primary Weapons Systems (PWS) with a little hesitation. My thought process was... "Well, I've been running an AR type rifle in one form or another, for over 20 years. Never NEEDED a PISTON driven AR." Well, that was until I started running this rifle, and running it HARD. (click on pictures to enlarge them)

I have a very unique job, that allows me to train with some of the best SWAT Teams in the State of Florida. This is also a unique position, in that we teach Weaponcraft, but... I am not "issued" weapons. Everything I use on the job, is my own personal kit. So, being that I train Law Enforcement, and we train very hard... I get a unique perspective on what works, and what does not work.

As you read through my thread there on The Hide, you can see how my thought process on the Long Stroke Piston System of the PWS MK1 series rifles... well, it changed. I became a fan. I loyal fan. Not because of kickbacks, or perks, or recognition... but, because I found that this rifle ran, and ran well. It was so reliable, even with little to NO maintenance on it what so ever. The accuracy was also MORE than acceptable for what I was using it for. In fact, it shot well enough to be used as a perimeter / SPR type rifle. In fact, this rifle has had over 23k rounds through it, since I started shooting it back in DEC 10. I was able to turn this group with it, at 100 yards using Black Hills 77 Grain OTM. As you can see in the target, it still shoots sub one inch, even with such a high round count. The optic I was using is the Bushnell Elite 1-6.5 with the BTR reticle. I am using a Geissele SSA trigger in the MK114.

An thus... my love affair with the PWS MK series rifles began. Not only did I become a fan of the rifles, but of the company as well. I made some life long friends with the company, got the honor of attending SHOT with them for SHOT Show 2012, and through my feedback, hopefully helped create a better product for the end user.

Me, with my PWS MK214

My PWS MK114 rifle has been a dream to run, has never given me a moments issue... outside of the extractor claw breaking early on. I wrote extensively on this weapon, on the Hide. So, I won't take up much space here in reference to it.

However, as I continue to shoot it, I have moved on from testing reliability, to using it as a test bed for other things... slings, triggers, stocks, handgrips, optics, etc.

Not long ago, there was an issue brought to light about the PWS Enhanced Buffer Tube... that issue has been addressed, and remedied. There is zero concern in my mind about the issue, and I applaud PWS in how they handled it. You can read about the Buffer Tube issue HERE .

In the end... the PWS MK114 get's FIVE TABS... Definitely Ranger Proof!

DMack Out.

Getting Started:

Hello All:

I just got this BLOG started today, so content will be forthcoming. I have been writing a lot on the forum located at and I am forever grateful for Frank (LowLight) allowing me to post my findings on the PWS MK1 and MK2 series rifles.

However, I decided that I needed my own space to work, and to be able to more tightly control my content and overall feel. Now, I'm here. Same me, same no nonsense review ethic... same DETAILED information, just different look and interface.

As I move into this project, it will gain momentum. One thing I can promise you... as a very HARD USE guy, if I give my stamp of approval, and call a piece of gear "Ranger Proof"... you can take it to the bank that I have put it through the ringer, and would trust my life with it.

After all, I am in the business of training the Men and Women of Law Enforcement... those that serve and protect, and go into harm's way in the wee hours of the morning, or the middle of the day... they have to depend on the gear that they carry and use.

So, as I start adding things, this blog may take on a new look, shape, format... as I find out more about the blogging way of doing things. Bear with me... be patient, it will be worth your wait.

DMack Out.