Thursday, July 19, 2012

What to expect...

As I sit here, looking through all of my data that I have collected on various products, it is a wee bit overwhelming on where to begin. Some of my projects sport MANY pieces of kit, that I have carefully selected to work together as a package.

I also am aware that this BLOG just recently came into existence. I've been toying with the idea for quite some time now, and finally decided to undertake this project. This is something that I do not take lightly. I have worked very diligently to establish a high level of credibility within my circles, as someone who will not blow smoke up someone's skirt, in regards to product reliablity. This, I take pride in.

So, here is what I can promise you. IF a certain product makes it to my BLOG, then you can bet that I have used it, much more than just putting my hands on it. I've "tried" to "break" it. We used to have a saying... "If I use it, I will try to break it. If I can't break it, I will try to STEAL it." So, there you have it.

I have a youtube channel, under "Ranger Proof"... and will be posting videos to this blog from that channel. Here's a sneak peak into what you will be seeing very soon.

Diamondback Tactical... Advanced Warrior Fast Attack Plate Carrier (AW-FAPC). I have been using this carrier for the past two years at work, and I have NOT been able to break it. I swim with it, rappel with it, use it on live fire ranges, SIMUNITION shoot house, etc...

US Optics SN3 TPAL with EREK... I have a 3.2-17 as well as a 1.8-10 from US Optics. I can assure you, these optics are good to go. I also use the US Optics Field Observation Scope, so expect that to be featured as well.

Bushnell Elite HDMR 3.5-21 with G2DMR reticle. I am currently using this optic on my GPI Modded MEGA Monolithic SAR-TEN... this optic continues to suprise me.

Bushnell Elite 1-6.5 with BTR-2 reticle. I'm using this optic on my GPI SAR-15 test mule...

MARZ Tactical products, belt, pouches, etc... I have some goodies from MARZ Tactical that I really want to showcase.

There are other products in que as well... first and foremost, I will start my write up on the GPI Custom Gunworks SAR-15.

Stay tuned, it will be worth your wait.

DMack Out.

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